Building A Greenhouse Plans

 Building A Greenhouse Plans

The Beginning Steps for Building Your Own Greenhouse

Deciding to build a greenhouse is high on the priority list for many people seeking to have a closer connection to their own food. Commercially produced vegetables are often laced with toxic pesticides, and for many people growing their own food is the only way to control what goes into it. Building a greenhouse is a smart step to take in the process of taking control of your family’s health.


Greenhouses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most designs are relatively inexpensive, energy efficient, and simple enough for a novice builder to implement. Whether you want your greenhouse to be a botanical sanctuary filled with beautiful flowers or a way to escape the food industry’s poison laced fruits and vegetables, building your own can be a satisfying endeavor that will reward you for years to come.

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Choosing a Location


The location where you build a greenhouse will have a tremendous impact on its growing success. Here are some things to consider when you select the placement of your greenhouse.


– Direction of the sun: Greenhouses need to be facing south in order to maximize their sunlight throughout the day.


– Amount of sunlight: Don’t build your greenhouse under a shade tree! Choose a spot that stays sunny for the vast majority of the day.


– Proximity to electricity: If you are going to want to heat your greenhouse this is a necessity. Make sure electricity is close by or that you can run an extension cord to it.


– Choose solid ground: Make sure you aren’t building on land that is uneven or will erode quickly. Also make sure that the location will drain well as your greenhouse will have a lot of water leaking out!


Choosing a Design


The most important step in building a greenhouse is deciding what need it is going to serve. Are you planning on growing flowers or vegetables? How many people will be using it or eating from it? How large is the garden that your plants will be moved into? And how late into the season do you hope to use it? The answers to all these questions will influence the type of greenhouse you choose to make.


For now, let’s go through some common greenhouse designs.


– Three sided: This type of greenhouse is usually built against an existing structure, like your house or a garden shed. This makes it cheaper to build but some efficiency is lost because there isn’t as much clear glass being used.


– Quonset Frame: This is a rounded greenhouse with a domed roof that uses thin plastic rather than glass for the sides. This style can be cheaper to build than a glass structure but the plastic will need to be replaced every few years.


– Rigid Frame: Just as it sounds, this is a greenhouse design that is free standing and utilizes glass panels on the sides. More expensive to build, rigid frame greenhouses are also longer lasting and more efficient than other designs.


Starting to Build


Once your location and design have been selected, the hard work of building your greenhouse begins.


Many websites sell greenhouse ‘kits’ that provide the buyer will all the materials needed to build a greenhouse. Some assembly will be acquired, but with these kits a competent builder can have a greenhouse in a matter of hours.


Alternatively, greenhouses can be built from scratch though they will take much more planning than simply purchasing a kit. Do your research on the dimensions you want and the types of materials you will need in order to save yourself some headaches later on.


Building a greenhouse from scratch can be an immensely rewarding experience, and the first bite of your own home-grown greenhouse vegetables will make the entire process worthwhile.